Italian quality for ecology


Is the number of the European and extra-European countries where we are present.


Is our direct personnel figure including technicians designers and workers.


Are the square meters covered by our offices, stores, manufacturing departments, R&D laboratories, open space vehicles stores.

Our history

Our history has been generated by two men: Nicola Farella and Donato Debernardis . In the years seventy they decided to turn all the experience they had achieved in the on roads transport field of goods , into a new entrepreneurial project. This is how DICAR was established. Its growth was fast.

In the middle of the years ninety DICAR was subject to an important change: in order to match the modified market needs, new technologies were introduced and the first special solid waste collection bodies were manufactured. It became something more and its name was changed into that of COSECO.

The new industry got specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing special vehicles destined to the collection, transport and disposal of solid waste like compactors, press bodies and tipping bodies together with bin washers.

COSECO has always transported excellence in the world.

It’s already 50 years since we have started designing machineries, working raw materials, assembling bodies, painting, mounting and testing every single product by implementing fully ecological procedures.

40 different countries, 44.000 square meters and 110 employees: these are the numbers of a market leadership built up gradually thanks to technologically advanced machineries, specialized personnel and the special care always paid to all the COSECO clients around the world.

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